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For lots of writers, the worst part in writing is the beginning. When they look at their computer, they can’t think of anything what will they write. It is hard to get started when you can’t think of any topic you will write that is why it is essential to be focused and be yourself all the time.

Punctuation and Grammar Check: Overcoming Writer’s Block

free online grammar and punctuation checkerAccording to William Stafford who is an American poet, he said that “there is no such thing as writer’s block for writers whose standards are low enough”. He is not encouraging writers to write garbage but what he is suggesting is that to be serious and to think that you will write an essay or poem which will be the greatest essay or poem ever written. Think that you will formulate the most intelligent, loveliest and greatest statement. Instead of just sitting out there, cursing the day, hating yourself and wondering why you study college; you need to forget about judgment. You should believe that there is something that will come.

Carry your pocket sized notebook so that whenever you have ideas to flow in your mind, write it down. It is better when you remember those things when you get home. Keep in mind that you need to know that not all good ideas come to you when you need it. You should learn to catch ideas as they come to you.

Free Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker: Physical Exercise

It is true that physical exercise is essential for mental activity. If you are just sitting in front of your computer and there is nothing you can write about, take a walk but do not forget that you need to take your notebook with you all the time because there is a time that when you are walking or jogging, ideas come to you.

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