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What is logical punctuation? If this is the first time you have heard about it, then it is high time you improve your skills on it. It is especially important when it comes to punctuation in translation. You need to be aware of the essentials of punctuation in different languages, as the rules for each language can vary. It is obvious that with low cost of document translation companies you will have no worries about the period, apostrophe, comma, quotation marks etc. in your translated document. But first, let’s begin by defining what logical punctuation is.

Free Grammar and Punctuation Check: What Is Logical Punctuation?

free grammar and punctuation checkKnown as the orientation of quotation marks and determined by the context and structure of the sentence and not by the style conventions of grammar. An example of a convention is placing periods or commas inside of a quotation mark. With logic, you can break this rule, so if the comma or period is not part of the quote, it is not right to be included inside of the quotes. Therefore, it will all depend if the comma or period is a part of the quote or not. This rule is important for students when they work on writing marketing, business, medical, BSN capstone project, etc.

Grammar Punctuation Checker: Who Uses Logical Punctuation?

  • Most of the UK and the Guardian style guide
  • Informal writers
  • Computer coders
  • Wikipedia
  • Linguistic Society of the US

Who Does Not Use It?

  • Modern Language Association
  • The Associated Press
  • Chicago Manual of Style

* Did you know that the Wikipedia has over 124,000 words that use the logical punctuation styling? There are about 160 printed pages or 124,000 words with it.

Grammar Punctuation Checker: Reasons to Use Logical Punctuation

  1. When the standard punctuation used is inconsistent
  2. When the comma or period is not part of the quote
  3. When the writer thinks that the comma or period will change the quotes meaning
  4. When doing computer programming when using a comma or period inside quotes will change the command or code

When Not to Use It

  1. For aesthetic reasons
  2. When writing in a conventional way

Should you keep using or not using logical punctuation? For now, it would be best to stick with the conventions of writing. Still, some publications are debating, and they include Slate, Subversive Copy Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Guardian, The Christian Science Monitor and the Chicago Manual of Style Editor blog.

There you have some of the things to know about logical punctuation you might encounter in your life. For more help, make sure to use the grammar punctuation checker online that spots your punctuation mistakes free.

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