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Did you know that punctuation has been used centuries years ago? Yes, this is one of the most ancient areas of the English language that has been used by the best writers, authors and people of all time. Check out this post to learn a bit about it as well as to learn using the best grammar and punctuation check tool.

Free Grammar and Punctuation Checker on the History of Punctuation

grammar and punctuation checkAccording to Keith Houston, who wrote the “Shady Characters: The Secret Life of Punctuation, Symbols & Other Typographical Marks,” punctuation has existed long, long time ago, and that the earliest forms of such were esoteric punctuation marks. Some of them include the hashtag (octothorpe), pilcrow (¶) and the manicule (☞).

Many of those ancient punctuation marks, according to the experts at free grammar and punctuation checker, had been used in the ancient Rome or Greece, but then had evolved over the years through their use in religious content, modern printed works, the internet, and Renaissance scholarship.

According to Houston, the hashtag or Octothorpe was introduced sometime in the 14th century, along with the introduction of “lb,’ meaning libra pondo (a Roman term referring to pound weight).

Then based on research by the experts at punctuation and grammar checker, the Pilcrow (¶), another ancient symbol, was used to signify a paragraph. This was to mean a paragraph mark, which is a basic horizontal stroke written in the left margin beside a text line.

In addition to these, there is also the ampersand (&), a type of ligature of the letters ‘E and T’ to mean ‘et’ or ‘and,’ was used by an anonymous graffiti artist in the first century AD. Until the modern times, this symbol is still used starting from grade school and that it was even taught to grade school children as the 27th alphabet letter.

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