Correct Punctuation Is Important

Punctuation is one of the aspects of grammar that has to be attended to because the wrong use of it can alter or change the meaning you want to convey. Now if you want to correct punctuation and you are looking for inspiration, check out the following post for you.

Correct Punctuation: How It Affects Meaning of Your Sentence

Punctuation is important, and all would agree. If you don’t look into your punctuation, you will affect almost the entire meaning of what you are trying to put across.

Edgar Allan Poe on Punctuation Correction:

correct punctuationHe said that the writer who neglects punctuation is responsible for the misunderstanding that would result from what he wrote and that his ignorance would be a sum of evils due to heedlessness. He also said that the sentence may be deprived of its force by half due to incorrect punctuation. A comma missing might mean that an axiom would appear like a paradox or sarcasm would sound like a sermonoid.

Examples of punctuation correction with direct address

  • Call me stupid if you wish.
  • Call me, stupid, if you wish.

With non-restrictive clauses

  • The four students, who failed in chemistry, had to do a special project.
  • The four students who failed in chemistry had to do a special project.

With compound clauses

  • Do not sleep with your headsets on or find it broken next day.
  • Do not sleep with your headsets on, or find it broken next day.

With serial commas

  • The mother bought apples, oranges and pears.
  • The mother bought apples, oranges, and pears.

Punctuation correction with apostrophes with possessive nouns

  • The host stood by the terrace and called the guests attention.
  • The host stood by the terrace and called the guests’ attention.

Correct My Punctuation Now

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